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Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse - Poppy Z. Brite This book was recommended to me by several online friends. They were surprised I hadn't read it nor heard of the author.

I began this book with high hopes. I read 2 pages of a preview on Amazon, and decided this would be a book I'd need to own. When I finally had it in my hands I was excited. My hopes were well placed- I found the book oddly comforting. The fact that a writer could fathom such sadistic, twisted and vivid gore was oddly comforting.

However as I read further on, I began to become bored. There is a lot of emphasis on the characters lives, how they live and why. Nothing seems to happen, just a lot of background story. Then all of a sudden the main part of the plot (Jay and Andrew meeting) finally happened, and then everything was happening quickly and the book was over with a very abrupt ending. I was saddened, I felt that Jay and Andrew's time together was much too short lived. They had so much to discover within eachother. Yes they were murderers, but they were discovering the reasons why they killed, after so long without thinking about it. They were all very interesting structured characters as well. I couldn't imagine myself feeling sorry for the killers when I started the book, but by the end I had a strange sort of love for Tran, Jay and Luke.

A very well written book, thoroughly descriptive, but slow moving in the middle.