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Snow Falling on Cedars - David Guterson I would never have bought or willingly read this book had I seen it in the library or a bookshop.
But I've been forced to read it, as this is the main book my teacher chose for our AS year.

People say hate is a very strong word. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this book. For me, hate isn't even the right word. I despised having to read it, I loathed all the characters because they were so self involved in their own little insignificant problems, and I found most of the narrative and description disgusting. Disgusting not just because of the lengthy, unnecessary descriptions of people shitting themselves/having sex/having their limbs cut off, but also disgusting as an insult to my intelligence. So Hatsue and Ishmael are in a cedar tree, huh? And the air smells like... CEDARS?! Good god, what is this sorcery. But, get this, AFTER they've been in the cedar tree... Hatsue's hair smells like it too!

Seriously, I get it. Cedars smell.

I'm so happy I've finished it, since now I don't ever have to pick it up in my free time, unless it's in the way of my food or a decent book.