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The Princess Bride - William Goldman Okay so in the beginning this was one of those very confusing books.
I had no idea S. Morgenstern didn't exist. I thought that William Goldman was just telling me loads of stuff I could have read, and I was very disappointed and wanted to read the original version. But then thanks to some other reviews on here, I realized. I felt like a big idiot.

I have a big problem with introductions. I don't read them. I don't see the point. Why tell me about the book I'm about to read, when I can just read it? Imagine my dismay when I realized that in total, there's about 60-70 pages of pointless introductory stuff. Why? It honestly wasn't needed. In no way did not reading it affect my views on the book. I was just already a fifth of the way in when I started the actual story.

This book was funny. Many books try to be funny and don't end up succeeding and just look incredibly silly. But this book actually made me laugh. Now, it's not that hard to make me laugh really, it's just jokes on paper don't usually have the same effect.

The characters were all lovable in their strange ways. I loved Buttercup's innocence and how she was the typical dumb princessy type. Westley was just hilarious in all his attempts to save her and win her over. Fezzik and Inigo were great also, and both got their little lives explained, which strangely didn't happen with many characters.

You see, the actual "Princess Bride" story was great. But at the end there's this little extra bit, called "Buttercup's Baby". Que another pointless introduction. Why, god knows. Then when I actually got to the short story, I was let down. Much like the introductions, my reading experience really wasn't affected that much by it, and I could have easily not read it. Which kinda defeats the point of the whole book, since that short story is basically THE ENDING. I could have gladly skipped that ending, which was a little worrying.

However, I still enjoyed the book. I was able to read it quickly, and that's always a good thing. The plot was great, some brilliant humor in there, and a very unique structure.