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Betrothed (Vampire Journals, #6) - Morgan Rice Firstly, I have not read the previous books. I found this in my library and felt I had to read it. None of the others in the series were there.

Morgan needs to sack her editor, or more likely, if she doesn't have one, she needs one like NOW. She repeats herself a lot. Sometimes in the same sentence, and mostly in her description. This is distracting from the actual story. Also several times in the book she confuses characters. At one point there was a scene where Caitlin was alone and then suddenly Caitlin was called Caleb. Um, wait what?

I'm giving this book 3 stars because the plot was enjoyable. However that might change if I read the other books, since she might Be repetitive with plots as well. It was also a fast read. It only took me about four or five hours here and there.

Kudos to Morgan for getting her books out there, but I feel they needed a lot more work.