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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Okay so in the beginning, I was annoyed that Ana was such a common, cliche character. She was like any other in some paranormal romance. Then, I got annoyed that the same writer that thought up Ana could create such a perfect (although unrealistic) character as Christian Grey. And I mean perfect in the sense of interesting, attractive and fucked up. Then I got annoyed because of the sex happening every other page.

You'd think with all this annoyance I'd thoroughly hate the book. But somehow, I really liked it. Maybe it's just Grey, but I don't often read romance and this has got me hooked. The ending has annoyed me of course but I want to know what happens next. Ana is making the most stupid decision of her life and I can't bear the fact she would hurt Grey so much.

But yeah I liked it.