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The Fallen: Leviathan. Thomas E - Thomas E. Sniegoski Actual rating - 3.7

Very specific rating there. Here's why.
I enjoyed the book. Don't get me wrong, it was quite generic and very... True to the current craze of the YA genre.
You had the whole good angel, fallen angel, nephilim thing going on, but there was added stuff. For one, the main character was a boy. Not common in this genre. Two, there was lots of fighty action things as well as the romance. Really, there wasn't much romance. Which is fine by me. Three, Gabriel is the cutest dog ever.
So now you're thinking, if I loved it so much why did I give it a middle rating...
Well it's generic. Doesn't win any points with me. It's also kinda childish. No sex, no drugs, the kinda violence seen in the Narnia films... And boy do the fighting scenes go on a bit.
And there wasn't really anything that made me go 'wow'. The most excited I got was when I realised the author must have put a lot of research into the church names and places.
Which says a lot really.