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Lost Souls - Poppy Z. Brite This was a lovely book.
Poppy has a certain way of making you care for the character's you're supposed to be disgusted with or hate, and those you are meant to love you feel for deeply as well. Society and morals say that incest is wrong, but in no way did I feel there was anything wrong with Nothing and Zillah's relationship. It just seemed... Right. They were good for each other and that was that.
Ghost and Nothing were my favourite characters. Ghost because of his ethereal, magical quality and Nothing because of his ethereal, nothingness. In the beginning, he literally was Nothing. He didn't seem like a person, just a bunch of feelings.
The plot of the book was immense. Unlike Exquisite Corpse, at no point was I waiting for things to happen. I had no idea of the ending which was great, I never knew what was coming next. For a while I couldn't put the book, but then I realised it would be over soon and I had to slow down. I was truly sad when it ended.
Overall a great book, although not 5 stars because I don't feel the story is over yet there is no sequel.