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Turned (Vampire Journals, Book 1) - Morgan Rice A totally unoriginal book, with the whole introductory 'beginning' thing stretched out to last the whole of the book.

I read the 6th book (forgotten what it's called) previously, so I thought this would be full of action and loads of interesting things happening. But oh no, by the end of the book Caitlin STILL doesn't know whether she's actually a vampire, the fact of her father is only mentioned in one sentence, she's instantly recovered from the grief of her mother's death which she's forgotten about the second page after it's mentioned and we still have no freaking idea what's going on with the Caleb/Jonah situation. Now, I hate love triangles. Hate them with a burning passion. But I'd at least like to know the outcome within a reasonable amount of time.

It seems to me like each book could be condensed down into ten or so interesting and vibrant chapters and we could only have to read two or three books.

And if Morgan Rice has an editor, she needs to sack them. If not, she needs to get one. There were a few simple typos and a lot of repetition that could of been sorted out.

I'd honestly expect this to be on some teenage writing site, it's that distasteful. But hey, it was free so I guess I shouldn't have expected much.