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Sorceress  - Celia Rees I really wanted to enjoy this book.
I loved the first book, because of the diary style, because even I was guessing, is Mary a witch, is she not? The ending left many questions unanswered, and I was hoping for a satisfactory sequel.

This was not that book. Suddenly there are chapters with the researcher/writer of 'The Mary Papers', who I was happy to have just known as a name on the first page. There was also a new girl who had an ancestral connection to Mary. I didn't want to read about these people, I wanted to read about Mary. This doesn't happen until about 50 pages into the book (a rough guess).

And when I finally get to read about Mary, it seems like the rest of her story was a cop out. Rees uses explanations of American Indian customs to make up for the lack of story line, it seems. I say this is a cop out, because it doesn't quite fit. I felt like I was reading the story of two different people, with two different styles of writing, and two very different cultures. I get that the different cultures may have been the point, but still.

I still enjoyed the book somewhat, since the history aspects of it were quite interesting. However, I will think of Witch Child and Sorceress as two completely different books, since there is little connection between the two, apart from characters and a little story line.