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Water - Natasha Hardy Review from booksfoodandotherthings.wordpress.com

Alex is different from other girls. She has a traumatic past which haunts her dreams, and she lives near the mountains of Injasuthi – which hold a lot of stories, folklore and mysteries. Escaping the watchful eye of her father, she camps near the beautiful stretches of water in the mountains. There, she meets the Oceanid boy, Merrick. He introduces her to the Oceanid world, and she discovers that her half-human half-mermaid heritage is what the Oceanids have been waiting for.

For me, the book started rather suddenly – it took me a few pages to realise what was going on. However, the story became more coherent as I went on. Unfortunately that happened a few more times during the novel; I would be reading and then suddenly have no clue what was going on. But, this didn’t affect how much I enjoyed the book too much. I liked Alex’s story, to me it was different and a fun, fresh read. This is about the only time I’ve read a book based on the myth of mermaids though, and I didn’t have high hopes in the beginning, but gradually I started to really enjoy the book and I couldn’t put it down. Water had some good action in it, and more than a small twinge of romance, which usually I hate. I didn’t mind it too much, as it wasn’t the main focus of the story (thankfully) but I can tell it will become a bigger part later on in the series. I won’t say no to the sequel(s), though!